Contents,  Part I

Revelation 1

The spiritual masters communicate their responsibility for Earth on an intergalactic level in collaboration with mankind. Every individual is jointly responsible for activating the Divine spark on Earth. Energetic forms of consciousness are a part of this process. The effect of the crucifixion of Jesus on Earth’s aura. List of questions of the spiritual masters for getting people into a personal spiritual process to help them connect more easily with each other.

Revelation 2

Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene talk about the Divine team of mankind’s spiritual helpers. Man’s choice between spiritual freedom and conditioning. The need dictated by one’s ego to be unique isolates man, removing this need unifies man. Exercises with regard to the purpose of going through experiences during life on Earth.

Revelation 3

Mary provides insight into mankind’s connection with the Cosmos. The manner in which man functions influences how the Cosmos functions and vice versa. Only when people bring personal and collective interests into balance and focus on love, care and compassion, are they able to make contact with extraterrestrial forms of consciousness. Prayer to experience Divinity in all forms of life.

Revelation 4

Mankind’s attention is drawn to the fact that it must assume responsibility for its own Divinity. People can become aware that they are the creators of their own reality. Jesus explains that we are all a trinity: every person is both father (creator), son (creation) and Holy Spirit (creative power). To make contact with the spiritual world, people are invited to pray. But what is a prayer? Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene provide essential prayers to invoke them. Mary explains in detail the significance of the prayer addressed to her.

Revelation 5

Mary requests people’s attention for the victim/offender consciousness and makes suggestions as to transformation. She makes herself available as a representative of compassion and as a spiritual guide in the individual transformation process whenever people pray for this. Exercise with respect to man’s relationship with his or her personal ambitions and the impact of ambitions on everyone’s lives.

Revelation 6

Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene draw people’s attention to the fact that they should lead a life of awareness. They compare giving life content with maintaining a garden. Modern man has little thought for the inner self. People’s ability to penetrate their inner self in order to make contact with the spiritual aspect of themselves is an essential part of life. Exercise to become aware of shifting attention and its effects.

Revelation 7

Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene draw man’s attention to the five development stages in becoming aware of one’s inner self. Exercises to help one recognise one’s own stage of development.

Revelation 8

Mary Magdalene presents herself from the spiritual world and tells what Jesus and Mary mean to her and what the reasons are for the publication of this book. Mary Magdalene explains what God is and provides the ‘I am God’ exercises and a prayer to let people experience their Divine essence and accept it into their heart.

Revelation 9

Mary provides exercises for man to experience the Divine in the world. The main cause of pain in people is the insufficient extent to which they experience the Divine in themselves and in the world. It is mainly thoughts, opinions and convictions that block out the Divine. To experience God in the world, mankind must let go of its old assumptions and revere the world.

Revelation 10

Man longs most for unity. Thoughts, convictions and opinions create an involuntary illusion about the world and about ourselves. Jesus gives exercises to eliminate man’s feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world. “Love is the connective force that makes us aware of the unity between ourselves and the world.”

Revelation 11

Mary about Mary as a symbol of mother, wife and sister, about the essence of woman and man and the true nature of their interaction, about her relationship with Joseph as an example for mankind. About the true meaning of the ‘Immaculate Conception’ and the role of the Holy Spirit. To conceive Jesus, Mary and Joseph did indeed have physical contact.

Revelation 12

Mary Magdalene about the sacred meaning of menstruation, about men ‘giving’ and women ‘receiving’ as a crucial element in their relationship, about her loving partnership with Jesus that they want to reveal to the world and the significance that the two of them can have as a couple for every man and woman. Exercise to call up Mary Magdalene and Jesus in your heart.

Revelation 13

Mary Magdalene gives exercises and prayers for the healing of the woman, for the healing of the emotional and mental body, for the healing of the relationship of the man with his physical body and for the restoration of the relationship with people with whom you have a negative connection.

Revelation 14

Mary’s exercises for solving fears.

Revelation 15

Jesus and Mary Magdalene about the road to the consecration of man on Earth. The first three of ten steps with accompanying exercises for breaking out of the illusion of being isolated, for putting the ego into perspective and for restoring the love for oneself.

Revelation 16

Jesus and Mary Magdalene discuss the next two steps on the road to the consecration of man on Earth. About ‘creating room, emptiness and silence’ to come in contact with one’s inner self and ‘the road of light’ with exercises to make people aware of their free will, enable them to make more conscious choices and to focus their attention in order to improve their consciousness. Someone's degree of consciousness determines the extent to which one exercises one’s free will.

Revelation 17

Jesus and Mary Magdalene discuss the next three steps on the road to the consecration of man on Earth. About a different view of the function of death as a road to freedom and about opening the heart. By opening the heart, both at an individual and a collective level, Earth becomes a source of enrichment for the Cosmos. The time is ripe for the big transformation, the transformation occurs in the heart. Exercises: ‘Each day of your life is a movie’, ‘We love the Earth’ and ‘Beliefs about death’.

Revelation 18

Jesus and Mary Magdalene discuss the ninth step on the road to the consecration of man on Earth. On preparing for death and the assistance of the spiritual world in this preparation, the transformation of consciousness on the way through the tunnel to the immaterial world and the development process that takes place there. Exercise to experience the process of dying.

Revelation 19

Jesus and Mary Magdalene discuss the tenth step on the road to the consecration of man on Earth. Which process does the soul go through before it reincarnates in the material world? The soul can choose one of three lives. The soul chooses its new parents and brings about a lifelong commitment of the heart. Exercise to become conscious of your own conception. Every child is wanted.

Revelation 20

Jesus explains the true meaning of the crucifixion and how he was called to it. He did not die for our sins. Being nailed to the cross was a consecration for the human heart at a level that was as yet unknown to mankind. And the Earth was initiated into a higher state of consciousness that was and is unique in its own history and that of the entire Cosmos. Prayer and exercises to awaken the consciousness of Christ in the heart.

Revelation 21

In the course of the years to come, more and more people will move out of the cities in pursuit of peace and quiet and the nature of the countryside; this to escape from the head and into the heart. The spiritual masters unfold their plans for new residential and working communities called the ‘Christ Project’. The plans are centred on spiritual values and an environmentally friendly economy. Exercise for the integration of all people and other forms of consciousness to create a network of love and light.

Revelation 22

The spiritual masters emphasise the personal transformation of the people who wish to participate in the Christ Project and the development of their consciousness. They explain that the various religions actually complement each other and will all have a place in the new community. “Do you think that Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and Moses could be at variance with each other?” Exercise to accept other religions.

Revelation 23

The spiritual masters emphasise the importance of improved interaction between the ‘highest’ and ‘lowest’ chakras in our bodies in order to actually be able to experience the power of love and the Divine. Basic principles for participating in the Christ Project are formulated. Exercise to put negative opinions into perspective.

Revelation 24

Mary and Jesus compare the parent/child relationship with the relationship between the spiritual masters and mankind. If a parent fosters his or her inner child, that parent is also better able to give his or her child love and acknowledge that child as an individual soul. Mankind has achieved increased consciousness and reveals itself more and more as a partner of the spiritual masters. Exercise to make contact with your inner child and to accept it.

Revelation 25

Mary and Jesus tell about the special relationship between the spiritual masters and mankind. The spiritual masters occasionally wonder whether they should ‘save’ people from the situations in life that they have created themselves or whether they should let them experience them to the full from the point of view of the evolutionary process. The answer is provided by the Divine plan. It is time for people to take responsibility for what they create and learn to make other choices. Mankind and the masters can then be partners. Exercise as an aid for consciously deciding whether or not you want to be a victim in this life.