Foreword Authors

Dear Readers,

We hadn’t been together for very long when we were ‘visited’ by the spiritual masters in the year 2000. The most suitable and quiet moment for contact turned out to be during prayers before our hot meal at noon. After recovering from our initial surprise, the first messages came through to Gabriela from Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This was a very special, wondrous and poignant moment. They asked explicitly whether we were willing to make ourselves available for passing on a book that was to bear the title “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene”.

We started on the ‘conveyance sessions’ in our study at the end of August 2000 after an enervating visit to Jerusalem during the summer of that same year, just prior to the serious clashes between the Palestinians and the Jews. We were most honoured. With candles lit and pictures of Jesus and Mary around us, Gabriela ‘received’ the first Revelations. She voiced them and Reint recorded what ‘came through’ on his personal computer. We both opened ourselves to this special contact. We also communicated back and forth on a regular basis whenever we explicitly requested, and received, additional information and clarification from the Master and Mistresses, who said that they belonged to the White Brother- and Sisterhood. Because we were often too busy with our day-to-day affairs, the information came through at intervals over a period of two years. It was simply a matter of planning time in our schedules, saying an opening prayer and performing a ritual at the agreed time to make ourselves as available as possible, and Mary, Jesus and/or Mary Magdalene tuned into us to make contact and convey their knowledge.

It sounds simple, but it was not always easy, especially in the beginning. The innovative messages we were allowed to receive for mankind often ‘came through’ so passionately that we sometimes had to break off after only fifteen minutes because we were so ‘moved’. In point of fact, we both found ourselves in a radical transformation process in which we were confronted with our convictions and assumptions and our ‘disbelief’ that stood in the way of our actually accepting the Divine Revelations. These obstacles within ourselves first had to be removed before we could open ourselves completely to the glorious messages.

Gradually, the sessions became easier and we were better able to surrender ourselves to them. ‘Writing’ these Revelations was a revelation in itself, but also a struggle. On the one hand, it was both intense and interesting to be allowed to receive these marvellous insights; on the other hand, we were constantly amazed that we had been singled out to do so. But we also asked ourselves: “What effect will this have on our lives and our relationships? Will people be infuriated with us?’

At a certain stage, after having been requested over and over again to make ourselves available, we decided to ‘go for it’ unconditionally and in complete confidence. The book then practically wrote itself. We are now proud and delighted to present it to you; we stand behind its entire text.

Our relationship with Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene has stirred us deeply. The master and mistresses show us our ‘limitations’, but also our Divinity. The latter is often more difficult to accept than the former. Sometimes we do not let ourselves be touched completely by their love. And we have a kind of fear – a fear to admit and to acknowledge our true Divine essence and our connection with the higher dimensions. At the same time, all the messages, prayers and exercises, for which we are most grateful, have filled us with inspiration and joy. They elevate us to our true nature. We would like to take you on a journey back to the Divine roots of mankind. A journey meant for all of us. May this book be our guide.

Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin

Apeldoorn, the Netherlands - November 2002