Foreword Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Dear people on Earth,

First of all, please let us thank you for all the love and dedication you have given us during the past two thousand years. About two thousand years ago, a major transformation occurred in the hearts of humans and on Earth in which we played an important part. Mankind was ready for it. Through our interaction with man we, too, have grown in our development, for which we are grateful. Throughout the years we have remained in contact with mankind. We have supported the human processes and development. You have gone through a lot during this time. Now it is time to reap the harvest. Mankind is entering a new phase and so are we. For you, this has to do with an awakening awareness of Christ in your hearts, the embodiment of unconditional Divine love. For us, as mankind takes over more of our tasks on Earth, it means that we can connect and collaborate more with extraterrestrial light beings and that we will concentrate more on Earth’s connection with the universe.

Mankind is ready to embrace the energy of Christ in their hearts. The energy of Christ is a source of bliss, connection and creativity. There is a lot to do on Earth. You are ready for a transformation of all the forms that the human existence on Earth has assumed up to now. Because although you have occupied yourselves all these years with religious norms and values, an essential piece of the puzzle has been missing and that is your own Divine nature, your Divinity. This insight will change the way humans view life. This essential basic principle is lacking in practically all the creations of the current human civilisation. As soon as you accept this truth, your hearts will open and you will discover that society does not reflect this essence. And then you will have the need to transform your houses, buildings, relationships, communication models, economy, politics and all other aspects that belong to the human existence into forms that better reflect your Divinity.

During the past two thousand years you have occupied yourselves with us and with a limited version of our teachings. For several reasons, these teachings lacked certain essential aspects, such as the Divine essence of all that exists and of man in particular, the equality of man and woman, the presence of the energy of Christ in all your hearts, the possibility of man to be a master, the purity of human conception and a series of other aspects that you will encounter when reading this book.

In the course of time, you have created and shaped an incomplete picture of us. We feel that that picture needs to be clarified. The time is now right. You will discover new aspects while reading our Revelations. Open yourself to them and let them into your heart. Trust your intuition and give yourself space and time to integrate these new messages into your life on this beautiful planet Earth. Say the prayers with respect as often as possible as dictated by the heart so that you can feel our presence and energy. Do the exercises intensively, demurely and conscientiously so that they can help you open your heart to enable you to become more and more your real self on Earth. This will bring us ever closer together.

With love and unity, Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene