How to use this book

‘The Divinity of Man – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene’ is not the kind of book you read from beginning to end without putting it down. The Revelations are often so innovative and ‘out of the ordinary’ that you will need some time to digest them and give them a place in your heart and realm of thought. You may have some difficulty with certain chapters because they affect you personally and might lead you into a personal process. Take your time. Skip these chapters if necessary and come back to them later when the book has become a part of you.

Experience proves that readers develop a bond with the book in their own particular way; they look for and develop their own method to benefit fully from the book, to enjoy it and to continue to be amazed.

So it is not a book to be approached purely from a rational point of view. It is above all an exercise book and ‘feel’ book. By practicing the exercises and prayers you will ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ a clearer picture of yourself, connect with the spiritual world and create an atmosphere and an energy of the heart that substantiate your own Divinity and open your heart so that you become an increasingly more loving person for yourself, for your fellow man and for the world.

The Exercises

The purpose of the exercises proffered by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene is for you to gain insight into yourself and to gradually open your heart. To achieve this, you can best do the exercises with your eyes closed unless stated otherwise. Closing your eyes automatically puts you in touch with your deeper spiritual levels. It would be wonderful if you had a ‘buddy’ with whom you could take turns doing the exercises. He or she can help you by reading the exercises out loud at a speed you feel comfortable with. You can signal how fast or slow you want to go by a gesture of the hand or by nodding your head, for instance. You can agree on some signals in advance so that the person who is doing the exercise can remain in the depths of his/her experience whilst indicating the pace.

Should you not be able to find or should you not want a companion, you can record the various steps of the exercises on a cassette tape at a leisurely pace and then coach yourself by means of the tape. Another option is to record your reactions and emotions on a separate tape while doing the exercises. You can also do this when you work with a ‘buddy’.

The publisher of this book is planning to record the exercises on a compact disk, which can be ordered, when available, for a small consideration. Relevant information will be provided on this website.

The exercises initiate a process of awakening that can unfold during the days and weeks after doing the exercises. This process continues its work in your consciousness. You will notice that the exercises will pop up regularly in your mind during your daily activities.

Follow your own intuition to determine the order and frequency of the exercises. Share your experiences and insights with others. Inspire others to examine and develop themselves. Let others inspire you. Your individual growth is also linked to teamwork.

The Prayers

The prayers provide the link and connect us with our spiritual friends. Use them for everything that you do, wish and experience from your heart. Be uninhibited in this. Pray as often as possible. Praying opens your heart and introduces a pleasant high vibration into your life and into the lives of others. Pray often for yourself and often for others. Pray regularly for our planet and for mankind. By praying you raise the collective consciousness of mankind to a higher level. Share the prayers with others; do not keep them to yourself. Share what you experience through the prayers with them too. Inspire others to use them as well or to pray in their own way.

We recommend that you make notes of what you experience in order to track your developments over time. Focus your attention completely when saying the prayers. Feel every word and allow every word to penetrate. Pray as much as possible at a leisurely pace. This will enable the prayers to touch deeper levels within yourself. Keep still for a moment after each prayer to feel the effect of the prayer within yourself.

After getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night are ideal moments to pray. Before having a meal, it is also nice to dwell, through prayer, upon the useful role that other beings fulfil in your life and to be thankful for it. Your heart will open even further. In this way you will receive the spiritual nutrition that the life forms you consume wish to give to you. This way we may receive their unconditional love.

The prayers can be found throughout the book in the various Revelations. To make them more accessible during your daily activities, they are repeated at the back of the book in larger print for copying. This makes them easy to carry about with you. Or you can leave them on your bedside table, for instance, or any other familiar place where you can easily pick them up at regular intervals.

The Revelations

The Revelations in the book are in a specific order intended to take you by the hand on your journey within yourself. However, you may feel compelled to read them in a different order. Feel free to do so; it makes your inner journey more personal.

It may be that, while reading a particular Revelation, you feel you must stop because – as physical reactions indicate – you have entered into a process within yourself. In this case it is advisable to close your eyes and ‘descend into the depths’. Take all the time you need and allow yourself sufficient leeway; it is an integral part of the process. The book is intended to occupy a place in your life so that it can stimulate your inner transformation as fully as possible.