The Book, Part II

The second volume of "The Divinity of Mankind - Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene" was published in Belgium and The Netherlands in 2004. A translation into English is in preparation. This book is due to come out by the end of December 2005.

For Volume II, again the Masters have given us amazing revelations. Mary Magdalene and Jesus tell us they had four children and they explain the way they raised them. They give advice to parents on Earth as to how to raise their children. They speak about how to love the inner child in every human being and about the holiness of sexuality. Jesus shares with us his deeper experiences during the Crucifixion and his Resurrection, which was not a resurrection the way people think it was. Jesus goes into the true meaning of events such as Christmas, his Ascension and Pentecost. He also describes what exactly happened when he was baptized by John. Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene explain the spiritual meaning of baptizing and they give a new, inspiring baptismal-ceremony to humanity. They provide food for thought about not judging ourselves, and about compassion, forgiveness, gratefulness and enlightenment. In addition, they go into the essence of opening our hearts and how to do that. Moreover, they explain that people create their own lives, and how respect for women creates abundance. They encourage us to read the Bible from a certain point of view. And they tell us how to consider current developments in Christian Church and Islam. Volume II also contains new exercises and prayers.